Lot and Load

The journey of creating Lot and Load started over three years ago. We could see that each builder was duplicating the same tedious process of loading lot data. We calculated that the duplicate time was costing the entire industry between $3m-$4m pa. It wasn’t a fun job too for anyone, just repetitive data entry.

It might seem easy just to provide a central source of the data, but in reality we had to build out multiple technologies and production resources to support this capability.

Key to Lot and Load is our use of artificial intelligence. Loading this data by hand would have required a huge team of people. Aided by our Rapid Load AI tool, our team of engineers focus mostly on quality control.

Runway Inventory is the distribution tool for the data and and this seamlessly integrates with Runway to enable house and land packaging.

But what really brings Lot and Load to life is our Runway Website and Masterplans Unlimited technology. For the first time, we can curate amazing customer experiences starting from any lot selection to home matching to pricing and quoting dollar perfect packages in less than 60 seconds.

That means that a customer can create their own package, select options, generate an auto home siting and make a deposit from their living room or at a display centre.