The Edge

We pioneered the pre-creation of home and land properties a decade ago. This has been very useful to our builder’s clients, but it was always a limited selection of packages. Our next goal over the years was to develop a real-time property matching, pricing and purchasing solution with unlimited home and land possibilities. A real shopping cart process that creates the home and land solution based on customers needs, available lots and suitable homes, right there in front of the customer.

To achieve this goal, over six years, we’ve built ten apps and services that combine to create a world first, seamless, high-performance customer experience solution. We called it the Edge for two reasons. First, it’s the cutting edge of our technology and secondly, it gives your sales team an edge when selling to customers.

What’s great for our customers is that we’ve productised the entire platform and app suite. The hard work is done and tested. Our approach means we can build an Edge experience that is unique to your business from $5,000. The alternative is a patchwork of interconnected applications that is cost-prohibitive to create and evolve for most property companies. We’ve seen over the years the patchwork approach fall over as budgets, people and the industry moves on, leaving a solution that is frozen in time.

So if you’d like a real-time property shopping cart experience for your customers, we can demonstrate that our Runway platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get there.