Runway’s R6 property data warehouse is now finished and available.

We’ve finally completed designing and creating our next generation property database, called R6. This data schema covers everything that a Volume Builder, Developer or Project Marketer needs from a database and API perspective. It includes all CRM related data, every type of property field and dimension, VPB items, quotes, processes, sales, transactions, description, events, notes, prices, dates, assets, content, branch structure, (like the old group structure), DRIPs, users, industry partnerships, agreements and so much more…

What does this mean for our clients:


Eliminates the need to design and build a data structure specifically for property. Building this in-house would literally take ten of thousands of hours to build, let alone get right. Our clients will get our new R6 platform as part of their monthly subscription.


The platform includes all the data and data structures you need for Property Sales and Marketing. Best of all, all data is accessible via post/get methods using our comprehensive R6 restful API endpoints. We provide extensive documentation and support for third party access.


R6 is optimised to be very efficient, scalable and fast using the latest AWS RDS technology with multi-region DB replication and with exclusive read and write replicas in each region. 


We can rapidly integrate any third-party software via our customised, low latency micro-service APIs. This includes any software you might want to develop in-house or any standard BI tools.