Runway’s new R6 platform integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, Salesforce and MailChimp.

With the completion of our R6 platform, we are launching several out-of-the-box integration points for popular applications in the Sales and Marketing space.

Calendar and Email integration

Our next generation CRM includes integration with Outlook Calendar and email or Google Calendar and Gmail. It’s a two-way integration. 

Hubspot and Salesforce

We  offer several integration points to Hubspot and Salesforce. This is managed by our own middleware application cron jobs that trigger push/pull calls for data between the R6 platform and Hubspot and Salesforce. We tailor the middleware to each client’s specific needs.

Mailchimp integration

Our next generation CRM, launching soon, includes a comprehensive two-way integration with MailChimp for conducting email campaigns. You can simply and easily create a campaign in Runway, push it to Mailchimp, select data and send. The tracking results and opt outs flow back to Runway under each contact.