World First

For the first time, Community Developers have a dedicated software platform and app ecosystem designed from the ground up for your industry.


Whether you're in Sales, Marketing, Development, Management or Finance, Runway offers a turn-key solution which means you don’t have to patch together multiple systems that never could really do the job.


Runway platform is scalable and integrated easily with other applications.


Most importantly, it offers the lowest cost of ownership against other options by many multiples.

Runway Inventory System

Runway Inventory centralises all the data and content needed for your communities. It allows you to collaborate digitally with your Builder and Realtor partners to share important data and documents, eliminating emails, multiple copies and version control issues.

Runway CRM

Developed specifically for Community Developers who sell direct via builders. Runway CRM offers everything you need, and more importantly, nothing you don’t need.

Lot Fit

Automatic Siting based on lot dimensions, setbacks, building footprint and covenant rules.Launch the Runway Siting tool to make adjustments and add features such as swimming pools, driveways, easements and more!

Home and Land Packaging

Real-time matching of homes to lots to create dollar-perfect home and land packages. Create an estimate for customers and packages in minutes. Incorporates all your community covenant rules, such as anti-monotony.

Interactive Masterplans

Our best-in-class masterplan platform offers an ultra-fast, premium masterplan solution.

Builder Portal

The most advanced and easiest-to-use Builder Portal available! Track all Builder and Realtor activity in real-time with comprehensive reporting dashboards. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manually compiling reports.

Wordpress Community Websites

From your design, we can build the tricky data-rich property pages or your entire community website. We incorporate great customer experiences that engage and satisfy the cloud generation.

Automatic PDF Brochures

Our PDF solution generates content and data-rich, multi-page brochures of your community and home and land packages. No more waiting days for marketing to manually create brochures.

Real-time Reporting

Beautiful dashboards that are live, all the time. From website performance to marketing automation, lot status, home status and detailed purchaser intelligence.

Download Brochure

Download a PDF brochure for printing or sharing.