Realtor Portal

Made for realtors, makes selling simpler and faster

Land more Realtor sales at your community.

Runway Realtor Portal provides with up-to-date land and spec home inventory, interactive 3D maps, on-the-fly matching of homes plans and lots featuring full monotony compliance, client property tours and the ability to sell any new build property online - 24-hours a day.

Realtors will sell more in your community with Runway Realtor Portal.

Runway Realtor Portal removes the three biggest impediments that Realtors experience when selling new builds at communities.

  • Runway property inventory is always up- to-date. No more rigning different builders to get out-of-date inventory lists.
  • Realtors can make home and land packages that incorporate monotony rules that they can sell to their client with 100% confidence. No more waiting for days only to find out their client can’t have that lot, home or elevation. They know instantly.
  • They can place a home site on hold for their clients 24 hours a day directly with a Builder or Community Developer.

For the first time, Runway Realtor Portal makes selling new land, home builds simple, reducing mistakes and time consuming and unnecessary phone contact that can be better spent connecting the Realtor’s clients to the right property in a community.


Up-to-date inventory on Home Site availability, Spec homes

For the first time, Realtors have a live inventory system for each builder across a community.

  • View all spec homes
  • View available lots
  • Fully interactive 3d masterplans
  • Save properties to favorites
  • Share properties directly with clients.
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Create your clients home and land packages that are ready to sell

Create real home and land packages that are ready to sell in seconds

  • Compliant with monotony rules
  • Create an unlimited combinations of home and land packages
  • Create virtual tours to share packages with clients
  • Notification if a homesite is sold on a created package

Secure properties online

Take a deposit to place a homesite on hold.

  • Notify the builder via online chat
  • Take a deposit online
  • Generate a receipt
  • Set-hold deposit timeframe with automatic status reversal if deadline passes without a sale.

Chat directly with builders and transfer leads

Chat with builders directly about prospective client properties. When a realtor client is about to commit, the Realtor can share the clients details and home and land package to the builder.

Realtor rewards program

View and update your realtors via Runway’s Realtor database.
View performance on a real time leaderboard.
Provide information on incentives and important news about the communities they work in.

Lot only sales

Sell lots directly to consumers.
Take a deposit, generate a receipt and automatically change the lot status.

Create virtual tours and invite customers

Create an unlimited number of home and land packages options, then curate them into an online tour that your client can review 24/7. Your client can provide feedback and comments on each property.

Create physical tours and map out your appointments.

Create on confirm property tours with clients. Combine model homes, spec homes and packages at a date/time and email clients for confirmation. Includes MSL listings and other locations as meeting points. Includes smart features such as calculating the drive time between appointments.

Co-branded Realtor PDF brochures.

Your Realtor can print brochures for models, spec homes and packages with their logo and contact details.