Runway Homebuyer

The only platform that allows you to rapidly create online homebuyer solutions.

The Runway Homebuyer platform offers a turnkey yet highly flexible online solution for new home and land sales. The Runway Homebuyer platform has been perfected over the past 24 months with proven deployments in Australia and the USA.

What is the Runway Homebuyer platform?

It’s a platform that allows our clients to rapidly deploy online consumer purchasing solutions for home and land sales.

We created apps and modules that sit on top of our property inventory system that allow you to tailor consumer journeys from both a workflow and user interface perspective giving consumers the clarity and options they need to feel comfortable purchasing a home online.

The simple promise is to allow Builders and Developers the critical solution for consumers to purchase their new home and land property online.

Your UI/UX - everything else is ready to go.

At the heart of the Runway Homebuyer platform is the ability to rapidly create and modify the UI/UX. Our rapid development user interface consumes Runway’s APIs to access established data structures and underlying applications to ensure your consumer workflow and efforts need only focus only on the UI/UX. From artwork provided, deployments range from 3 to 8 weeks.

Available interchangeable modules

Our front end layer templates come with existing API connectors so it’s super quick to build out our pages. Our templates are based on Angular and WordPress but you can develop a front end in any CMS or framework. Use some or all of the modules and remember, you can design the workflow exactly to your UI/UX requirements.

Interactive masterplan land selector

Runway Maps offers a multi-layered interactive map that shows lot availability, construction status of neighbouring homes and completed homes.

Home matcher with monotony and covenant rules

The home and land package module features home plan filtering and home detail tiles or lists. Automatically avoids conflicting home plans based on monotony and covenant rules.

Home plan option selector

Select different floor plan options available with each home. Link options to images or 3D models.

External colour selector

Select your own exterior colours and surfaces with optional elevation feedback. Exterior colours automatically prevent conflicting colour selection with neighbouring homes.

Internal colour selector

Integrate with leading 3D tour providers like Roomored to provide the colour selection process. The module is fully integrated with our price book database.

Online payment gateway

This module is configurable with your own payment gateway. You set deposit payment amounts based on a percentage or fixed price.

PDF contract creation and DocuSign®

Runway PDF provides a rapid method for creating data rich PDF contracts that your customers can digitally sign online.

Integrate with any CRM

The Runway Homebuyer platform integrates directly with Runway CRM and Salesforce. Capture multiple purchasers and profile information.

In summary

  • Design and apply your own unique UI/UX
  • Average 3-8 week deployment
  • No need to develop core functionality
  • Rapid integration with your websites