Runway Portals

Provide access to data, content and workflows in an easy-to-use interface. Includes Builder, Selling Agent and Customer portals.

So simple to use, training is optional

Runway Portals are designed to be incredibly simple to use. We guarantee that your Sales Consultants, Partners and Customers will be up and running in minutes.

Everything at your fingertips

Say goodbye to late night phone calls about lot status or home availability, processing sales from emails, managing inventory in spreadsheets and manually compiling reports.

Register sales, cancellations and transfers

Runway Builder Portals use simple to follow workflows that guide Sales Consultants through every process. Registering, cancelling and transferring sales takes seconds to minutes.

Register sales

Create sales and packages with automatic covenant rules

Runway Portals has integrated, real-time covenant rules that prevent Sales Consultants from selecting incompatible homes, facades and exterior selections. This eliminates time wastage or even worse, losing customers when they can’t get what they were promised.

Create packages

Send leads from your community website

Leads generated from your community websites are instantly forwarded to builder Sales Consultants ensuring there's no delay in following up interested prospects.

Resources library

Provide your portal users with a central place to access your community documents, photos, videos and logos.

Builder performance reporting dashboards

Provide builders with real time sales performance data and compare against their competitors at the community.

Record walk-in traffic

Collect vital information about prospect walk-in traffic in real time, not just at the end of the week. It only takes Sales Consultants a few seconds to capture.

Walk-in traffic